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neuschlaufen release a cassette for International Cassette Day

7 Sep

Like what it says above.

A band I’m in just did this


Get it while you can at the Inkwell in ye old’e York. we only did 20 copies.


If you live in somewhere like Atlanta or Athens you ‘ll have to get it from here



Updating Stuff

2 Sep

Just got round to updating this webspace of mine.

Go here  and watch the ms stubnitz video. Then book me for your party.

Then go here and check out all the albums Dr Tuffen and myself did then book us for your night.

Go on then!

Gordy and Fleur EP

14 Aug

One of the bands I’m in, Gordy and Fleur, have just finally released an EP.

Its a three track taster from our upcoming album.

We are releasing it digitally on Bandcamp.



Go find it here 

Another Test post.

31 Jul

Yes Mr McQuilliam. I am telling you to ignore this

Test Post

31 Jul

Please ignore me as I’m a test post.




6 Jul

After finally completing my BA in Fine Arts & Music I have reclaimed some time to work on things which I wanted to follow up on in my arts practice. I’m starting to learn to program using the C++ language and am exploring the openframeworks and Cinder library extensions. 


I will begin posting my visual explorations via some sort of photographic storage site such as flickr(or something). 

I would like to have a tip of the hat to the Patrick Borgeat  and Tim Wright for the inspiration of what computer visuals can be. 


Oh, I will also post some video and images of my BA final exhibition (maybe).

Livecoding Gig

15 Mar

I recently played at Hogwash where I did a 30 min Livecode set using SuperCollider.



You can hear the audio here



Also you can watch the last 5 mins here




Thanks to the guys at Hogwash


And thanks to Chris Power for the film