neuschlaufen is the name of a krautrock-inspired 
music project started by 
John Tuffen (guitar/vocals/loops) 
and Steve Carter (drums/percussion/loops), 
but since October 2012 consisting of 
Ash Sagar (Bass/Electronics), 
Laurence Huntington (drums/machines) 
and John Tuffen (Guitar/vocals/loops)


Based in York (UK) and gigging since February 
2011, we are now taking a more 
improvisation-based approach to our 
live performances - which keeps things interesting... 
Recordings of past gigs can be found here


Our bandcamp page is here where you can 
download albums in whatever form you 
like (and pay whatever you like - even nothing!).
Our most recent gig, supporting 
York band Pine for Cedars can be listened to here
You can find a list of reviews here

Here's some film and review by noredindian

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